SAFER recommendations based on project's results backed by the Atlantic Regions

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The Atlantic Arc Commission validate the recommendations ‘For a SAFER and Greener Seafood sector’
29 June 2020 - SAFER  project
AAC General Assembly online meeting.
On Friday, June 26, members of the Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) met to celebrate their General Assembly. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the General Assembly was held online.

One of the key speakers of the morning, Mrs. Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, spoke about the European Commission proposals for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the impact on our territories and participated in a debate with the political representatives of the Atlantic Arc Commission.

Also, members of Atlantic Arc Commission discussed over the results of the SAFER project to connect  with the EU policy context, such as the measures to address the impact of COVID19 on the seafood sector the EU Recovery Plan, and the Green Deal and its Farm to Fork Strategy.

Vanessa Charbonneau, Vice-President of Pays de la Loire, Presidency of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission said that, “we welcome the Farm to Fork Strategy, which represents an opportunity for the promotion of fairer, more democratic and more sustainable food systems. This initiative is also important in the context of the economic recovery of the seafood sector and food sectors in general”.

Katie Cavell, SAFER project partner and Executive Secretary of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission, presented some recommendations on fisheries and aquaculture ‘For a SAFER and Greener Seafood sector’ based on project’s experiences, followed by a debate and validated by the members of the Atlantic Arc Commission.

Donegal County Council (Ireland) Councillor Niamh Kennedy reflected on the impact that the SAFER project has made in the North West Crossborder Irish region sharing the examples of innovative pilots implemented in County Donegal and Derry and Strabane (Northern Ireland), such as, Software system to automatize preparation of Value Added Products, Digital app for site inspection, Oyster Tank Remote Monitoring and Wireless Oyster Bag Tagging, thanks to the involvement of ERNACT (Lead partner), Udaras na Gaeltachta, Letterkenny Institute of Technology and Derry City and Strabane District Council SAFER partners.
During the debate, the work carried out by the SAFER partnership was continuously recognised. On the one hand, Lorella de la Cruz Iglesias, Deputy Head of Unit Blue Economy Sectors, Aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning (DG MARE) said that, “dissemination of results like the ones achieved in the SAFER project are key to build on capacity”. On the other hand, our partner from Cantabrian Government (Spain) Rosa Valdes, General Director of Local Administration, External Action and Houses of Cantabria, added that, “support is required to implement projects like SAFER where we are partners”.

Throughout the meeting, tools for the recovery of the Atlantic Area were highlighted, such as the streamlining of different funding sources and EMFF regional operational programmes, along with Macro Region and Sea Basin strategies, as a way to ensure the effective implementation of the EU Recovery Plan and the European Green Deal. For more information, visit their website:

Niamh Kennedy at the AAC General Assembly.

Click here to email  Maixa Zabaleta at ERNACT for further information

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