Visiting the Irish Midlands to capture the latest smart technology solutions

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The industry 4.0 solutions are being captured to display on the IaaS project’s directory
28 July 2022 - IaaS  project
This week, ERNACT led, and Enterprise Ireland funded, Innovation-as-Service Project (IaaS project), visited the Irish Midlands to capture their smart technology solutions. The event gave the opportunity to visit Industry 4.0 labs and training centres, such us, Technological University of the Shannon (TUS), I-LOFAR, Stream Birr, Midland Skills Centre and the First Polymer Training Skillnet.

In showcasing the smart technology, we completed virtual tours of labs, with a focus on the services their equipment can provide. In addition, we recorded short videos to capture the nonvisible industry 4.0 services. 

The industry 4.0 solutions are being captured to display on the IaaS project’s directory. This platform will be a catalogue of services, it will assist the partners in achieving the overall goal of building regional strength. The IaaS project guarantees the Border region that it will be better connected to distant technology providers - with a new capability to improve the productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship levels in local SMEs. This will resonate strongly with them as they experience every day the challenges of doing business in peripheral border areas.

The virtual tours allow people to move through the facilities just by clicking on different points on their screens, the technology is highlighted by ‘i-tags’ with all necessary information provided on what the smart equipment can do for you and your manufacturing business. 

Leah Ryan, Project Assistant-Digital Innovation Ecosystems and Gabriel Rojas, Creative Content Creator, made the trip to the Irish midlands. Leah Ryan stated that, ‘it was great to visit Industry 4.0 centres in both West Meath and Offaly. The quality of services they have are brilliant, it was great to document this for the IaaS project.’ Meanwhile Gabriel Rojas said that, ‘it was great to be able to create content, to share smart solutions & make them accessible for these manufacturing enterprises’.

Stay tuned more information will be shared soon!

Click here to email  Maixa Zabaleta at ERNACT for further information

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