ERNACT explores the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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ERNACT is harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive greater efficiency in our project management
24 August 2023 - ERNACT  project
Here at ERNACT we are constantly seeking for opportunities to enhance and transform our operations. Our latest initiative? Harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive improvements in our management of European-funded projects. To that end, ERNACT has secured €6.6m for its European partner regions for digitisation of industry and public services.

The potential of AI in project management is immense. It offers advantages in areas such as good practice identification and documentation, steering group governance, crafting meeting agendas, recording minutes of meetings, evaluating workplan performance, and more.

Our approach involves leveraging tools built on Large Language Models, like ChatGPT. We are customizing these tools to align with ERNACT's unique EU project knowledge repositories, which span over 15 years. The work is being conducted with due regard for ethical considerations and European data protection and AI regulations and will be thoroughly tested before any progression to operational status.

ERNACT programme manager, Dr. Margaret Quinn, is leading this initiative. In addition, Margaret is spearheading ERNACT’s role in EU-funded projects that aim to harness the power of AI in public services, namely the Interreg Europe project ENAIBLER and the European Digital Innovation Hub of Northern & Western Ireland, Data2Sustain. With the expertise of Liam Coyle, an experienced Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at ERNACT, we are delving into these possibilities, experimenting with AI tools, and adapting them to create a compelling proof of concept.

Margaret commented that “Artificial Intelligence has massive potential to change the way businesses work and project management is no exception. AI can streamline processes, support greater efficiency and help us use our time more productively. So we are working with Liam to explore how we can take advantage of AI tools to improve our project management and project development and, at the same time, learn about AI adoption challenges.

Our commitment to exploring and expanding the horizons of AI in our operations is unwavering. ERNACT aims to set the gold standard for a smarter, more efficient future. As we embark on this exciting AI journey, we invite you to stay updated through our website and connect with us on social media.

Click here to email  Maixa Zabaleta at ERNACT for further information

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