ERNACT core members gather in Nevers during SIIViM Summit to discuss ethical AI in new digital technology proposals

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16 November 2023 - ERNACT  project
The core ERNACT members from across Europe and Atlantic Canada convened in the city of Nièvre / Nevers (France), on 25th and 26th of October, for the network's second Interregional Management Committee (IMC) meeting of 2023. This gathering aimed at fostering international collaboration was held alongside the SIIViM conference, an international summit focusing on digital and innovation in medium-sized cities.

Nièvre Numérique, an active ERNACT member, hosted the meeting at the Presidential Lounge of the Magny-Cours International Circuit, renowned for hosting the French F1 Grand-Prix was held in the 1990s and 2000s. Our most recent IMC assembly brought together a diverse array of perspectives and expertise, strategizing ways for ERNACT cities and regions to harness the full the potential of digital transformation through collaboration. 

Dr Caitriona Strain, ERNACT General Manager, remarked, “the IMC meetings serve as forums for transnational cooperation, embodying the essence of unity and collective action”. Throughout the assembly, core members reached agreements on novel digital technology proposals for the upcoming twelve-month period and conducted an in-depth review of the network's ongoing operations, encompassing management, communication strategies, and finances. These discussions facilitated fruitful exchanges, collaborative initiatives, and the exchange of insights and requirements for cooperative projects among IMC members.

Ethical AI and Digital Transformation in European Projects
Core members of ERNACT actively participated in sessions at the SIIViM summit, leveraging this platform for extensive collaboration and knowledge exchange. The discussions delved into the ethical considerations surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in the realm of digital transformation within European Projects.

Dr. Margaret Quinn, ERNACT Programme Manager, shared insights on AI's growing integration into our daily lives, emphasising its potential to augment human capabilities across diverse domains through the utilisation of models and algorithms. Addressing AI's role in the ENAIBLER project led by ERNACT, she stressed the importance of perceiving AI as a tool to enhance human intelligence, highlighting the significant advancements it can facilitate. However, Dr. Quinn underscored the pivotal ethical dimension, emphasising the need for constant supervision of AI. She advocated embracing AI rather than succumbing to apprehension, asserting, "there's no magic in AI; it's all about modelling."

Additionally, ERNACT Programme Manager Jose Manuel San Emeterio and Nièvre Numérique Director Jean-Dimas Malot, participated in the 'Digital Transformation in European Projects' roundtable. They showcased successful instances of cooperative projects, elucidating on the benefits and returns on investment that European collaborations offer for digital advancements in cities and regions.

The SIIViM summit annually spotlights the potential and modernity of medium-sized cities, showcasing innovative companies and startups. It provides a platform for potential investors to connect, exchange ideas on common issues, and interact with technological leaders regarding crucial infrastructures. Through this unique summit, Nevers agglomeration and Shawinigan City aim to unite medium-sized cities, startups, and companies under a shared ambition: economic and demographic rejuvenation through innovation.

As part of the SIIViM conference, ERNACT introduced Ernie, its new virtual assistant, utilising Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Ernie is designed to aid the network in disseminating key messages and the latest updates. Attendees can experience this AR showcase by scanning the QR code provided below, specially designed for the SIIViM summit.

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