Connecting talent: good examples across Europe

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One of the core ERNACT members, Fomento San Sebastián, has organised a conference with experts from Oslo, Helsinki, Utrecht and the Basque Country.
25 October 2018 - DIGITAL REGIONS  project
Talent House in the city of Donostia - San Sebastian.
The city of Donostia - San Sebastian is the capital of Innovation during this week. The core ERNACT partner is organising more than 50 events in which more than 150 internationally renowned experts and professionals are participating.

Yesterday, our ERNACT partners hosted an international conference to discuss about the benefits and challenges of connecting and attracting talent to the cities and regions. General Manager at Fomento San Sebastian, Euken Sese, presented their strategy and resources to connect talent. Among others, he mentioned international mobility internships, local talent return programmes, Local Talent Awards and technological bonds.

Oslo (Norway)
The startup community in Oslo has evolved a lot”, said Siw Andersen, Head at Oslo Innovation Week & International Relations Director at Oslo Business Region. Ms Andersen explained how are they helping the local innovation ecosystem to be attractive for talent and companies. To achieve this goal, she mentioned that they are constantly working to raise the number of startups with international potential. She added that they are putting a special effort to initiate experiments, such as the worlds first smart city accelerator, to connect startups and the municipality. Regional development, through the cooperation with institutions and other development agencies in the region to highlight leading R&D and business sectors, and statistics, to analyse international rankings and benchmarks, are the other two key factors.

Helsinki (Finland)
This city is a testbed for innovation. Iina Oilinki Team Leader at City of Helsinki, shared how are they attracting digital talent. Ms Oilinki highlighted the importance of attracting students. She mentioned that 7,500 foreigners study in Helsinki Universities. Regarding the economic development, their mission is to enhance city's competitiveness and to help create private companies and jobs. According to Oilinki, tech industry estimates a need for 55,000 new talents by 2021. She added that other fields of expertise in need of talent are construction, health and education. 

Utrecht (Netherlands) 
Discussing about how to attract and retain international talent in the Utrecht region, Jaap Breugem, Internationalization Manager at Utrecht Economic Board, said that according to recent surveys, the number of internationals has grown by 30% in the past 3 years. At the moment, 60,000 foreigners are living in this region in which the strongest sectors are healthcare, life sciences, IT and banking. Mr Breugem highlighted that, "institutions and companies want to have diverse student population and workforce". He believes that not acting means "serious economic loss and losing our innovative edge".

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