Meeting EU energy efficiency targets for buildings

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Did you know that buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union?
01 February 2019 - CLEAN  project
Enertic energy efficient building in San Sebastian city, picture by partner Fomento San Sebastian.

CLEAN project's partner regions are very committed with the improvement of the energy efficiency in housing and public infrastructure by 4% through technology, open innovation and improved low-carbon policy instruments. The main reason to take off this goal is the concern and compromise with the environment that the 9 partner organisations have.

"Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. Currently, about 35% of the EU's buildings are over 50 years old and almost 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient, while only 0.4-1.2% (depending on the country) of the building stock is renovated each year. Therefore, more renovation of existing buildings has the potential to lead to significant energy savings – potentially reducing the EU’s total energy consumption by 5-6% and lowering CO2 emissions by about 5%", explains European Commission on their policies, information and services website about buildings.

Taking this information into account, CLEAN partner regions will continue working together until 2021, to improve the capacity of their policy instruments to increase energy efficiency. The main outputs will be Regional Action Plans, based on interregional learning and transfer of innovative policy and solutions. All partners have already started working with their RAP. Therefore, stay tuned for further details! 

Find out more about energy efficiency in buildings through the European Commission.

An example of a smart building
Enertic, a nearly zero emissions building (pictured), is an Enterprise and Sectorial Innovation Center to give support and to promote companies from ICT, Energy Efficiency and Smart sectors of San Sebastian. Its objective is to join forces and stimulate cooperation between the companies and agents of this sector, turning the center into a space of consolidation, growth and creativity in the generation of new employment opportunities that strengthen the local economy and to promote energy efficiency. 

Enertic is one of the good energy practices shared by project partner Fomento San Sebastian that will inspire other partner regions when developing their Regional Action Plans. Read more about this good practice

Click here to email  Ianire Renobales at ERNACT for further information

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