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ERNACT organises a virtual network meeting with the attendance of the offices in Brussels for a discussion on EU budget and 2021-2027 period.
17 June 2020 - ERNACT  project

Once again, the ERNACT network has taken advantage of digital technology to organise the first International Management Committee meeting of 2020. Even though it should have been held in Canada, hosted by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the IMC has been fully virtual for the first time.

This online session has mainly deal with the administration of the ERNACT network, including financial and communication performance. Members have reviewed the main activities since the last meeting in Slovenia, in November 2019, and the status of the live projects. Moreover, core partners have actively discussed the current opportunities to develop new project proposals.

Apart from that, Mr. Jorge Muyo, Innovation Manager at Cantabrian Government, presented an ambitious project from European Commission in which his organisation is participating since 2018, 'Regions in Industrial Transition', a guide on policies and people to develop powerful and successful actions. 

Focused on the future, the ERNACT network has started a discussion on new digital transformation projects and the priorities for our regions and cities. "ERNACT members have strong digital transformation capacity demonstrated through innovation projects and their associated good practices, pilot services and main outputs", highlights ERNACT Chairperson, Brian Boyle.

In order to more deeply understand how the new EU budget and relevant EU programmes for the period 2021-2027 are progressing, we invited some of our partner regions' offices in Brussels and EU development staff to explore the opportunities together. Furthermore, ERNACT members got the opportunity to ask specific questions about positioning of the network and availing of future calls.

Ms. Inmaculada Valencia, Director of the Government of Cantabria Brussels Office, conducted a round table discussion with representatives of members Brussels office to receive input on new programme development and advice on positioning the ERNACT network. Inmaculada offered an overview of ongoing evolution of the EU budget for the next programming period, with an emphasis on the EU Recovery Plan and the revised Multiannual Financial framework (MFF).

Inmaculada was joined by staff from the ERNACT partners' offices in Brussels who provided further insights and additions. These were: Ms. Teresa Lennon, Head of European Brussels Office, Irish Regions Brussels Office; Mr. Hannu Koponen, Acting Director, West Finland European Office, with a focus on the Green and Digital angle; Mr. Mikael Janson, Managing Director, North Sweden European Office; Mr. Tomas Tisler, EU Rep of the Republic of Slovenia; and, Ms. Marta Marin, the Basque Country Delegate to the European Union.

"Taking into account the direction of new programme development and the insights provided by our expert guests, we will pay special attention to circular economy, the potential for Europe's rural areas and smaller cities to capitalise on digital transformation and the provision of digital skills", added Colm Mc Colgan
Ms. Teresa Lennon sharing further insights with the ERNACT network.

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